Volunteers wanted!

Volunteers @ Frankfurt Festival (c) DreamstimeAre you curious to get an insight behind the scenes of one of the top international dance festivals?

Before and especially during the Frankfurt Summer, we are looking for volunteers to join our team.

You need to be able to speak English. Any additional languages are apreciated.

As volunteer you may help with the following tasks:

  • Driver for our shuttle service (9-seater vans)
  • Registration desk
  • Access control
  • Tighten wristbands
  • Wardrobe
  • Technical matters
  • Set-up / tear down
  • Various further tasks

In return for helping 10-12 hours during the week-end, you will get a Full-Pass. The deposit will be refunded after you performed the agreed hours during the event. For volunteers we offer the hotel and shuttle flat at a special team rate, but the number of rooms is limited.

Please connect with Rico J. Anderer (Salsa-Trips) in Facebook to join our secret group for volunteers.

Please indicate from/until when you will be available during the Frankfurt Festival (Thursday to Monday) including the time and your preferences, whether you rather want to help in the team during daytime, in the evenings or during night time. We try to consider this as your preference. However, we do not guarantee specific times, but we are going to provide a team plan before the event. About three months before the festival, we open the registration. Please register just yourself:

Frankfurt Summer in July:

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