Volkan Karaman (Ankara, Turkey)

Volkan Karaman started his dancing career in 2004 in Turkey, at the Dance Floor Dance Academy. In 2007, he started teaching latin dance and is since several years recognized as an official dance trainer. After working and performing for different schools and dance organizations, he founded his own dance company in 2011. Since 2013 he is based in Brussels, Belgium and he is a well-known and appreciated dancer and instructor all over the world.

Volkan has a strong sense of musicality and a personal style that stands out on the dance floor. His teaching style is dynamic and precise, and every class is full of energy. The workshops and all levels of classes contain elements of shines, styling, body movement and original turn patterns. Volkan is known for selecting unconventional music in his classes, varying artists and styles, adding flavor and originality.

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