Valentin Behringer (Freiburg, Germany)

The photographer Valentin Behringer was born in February, 2nd 1986 in Freiburg. Until 2008 he studied photo design at the Lazi Academy in Esslingen. Today Valentin is one of the few professional media artists, working in the salsa scene regularly. By almost every well-known salsa dancer, he is called the best in what he’s doing.

Having been into Salsa for 13 years now, he counts for one of the few professional photographers, that are specialised almost exclusively on Salsa. His works are displayed mostly on the internet, but led to him getting assignments in Canada, Croatia, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Tunesia, England, Turkey and almost every big city in Germany.

Currently his regular occupation is a commercial artist in Freiburg.

vb.-marked photos are appreciated all over the world for their technical quality and outstanding depth. They can be found in almost every international salsafestival promotion.

Valentin takes care of the photography at the Freiburg Salsa Festival.

If you see him – ask him – he loves to take a picture of you!

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