Frankfurt Summer 2017 July 20-23

  • Party-Pass (PP) = all parties from Thursday to Sunday, no WS, no SDR
  • Party-Pass PLUS (PPP) = all parties from Thursday to Sunday incl. ~5 WS (each from 21:00-22:00), SDR inclusive
  • Full-Pass (FP) = Party-Pass + SDR + ca. 38 WS with LIGHT GREY background (left columns)
  • Full-Pass (FPP) = Party-Pass + SDR + ca. 90 WS with light or dark grey background
  • 2 Social Dance Rooms (SDR) in the afternoon (open air!)
  • EXTRA Workshops in small groups with a minimum of 4m² per attendee
  • Flexibility Upgrade (FLEX) allows you either to transfer your ticket to the next edition or get 80% refund until Saturday before the event. Tickets without FLEX Upgrade or from Sunday before the event can’t be transferred or cancelled in any case!
  • You may get a Ticket Insurance here (German, only)
  • Please check the Workshop-Plan, which workshops (WS) are included or not! Legend at the bottom.

NEWS UPDATE 2017-07-22:

You will be able to buy any Full-, Party- or Day-Pass as well as Social- and Party-Tickets and pay cash. Prices will be announced the same day. We don’t accept credit carts or the like. You may upgrade your pass BEFORE you got your wristband.

Please have your E-Ticket or Order Number AND ID card or passport at hand. Re-issue of tickets will cost 5€. Tickets can neither be transferred nor picked up by any other person. Late payment of your order will cost 5€ fee.

Please take note that we can’t answer any questions in Facebook or without reference to your order. You will find all information on our website or in the event:

Pre Selling ended on Friday, July 14th 2017 finally. Prices are subject to change.

We don’t ship any tickets. Please have your E-Ticket or Order Number AND passport or ID card at hand.

Frankfurt Summer 2017-07-22



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