Tamba Hissirou (Paris, France)

One foot in Cuban style, the other in New York, Tamba (Paris, France) is a great salsa dancer and an experienced teacher who loves Latin dances in all its forms. Just name it, he dances it all! He has this passion that pushed him to learn from the best in the world, that’s what makes him very knowledgeable in many styles: Casino, Mambo, Afro-Cuban, Rumba, etc…

He runs Salsaché, a Salsa school in Nottingham in which him and his team provide Cuban Salsa classes, New York classes and popular Rueda workshops. Tamba is often invited to teach throughout the UK and abroad in salsa festival or parties. He is also a performer and choreographer known for his flair for musicality. He performs for the UK nationally acclaimed group Mamboleo Dance Company.

Friendly and approachable, Tamba pays close attention to detail and technique. He adapts his style of teaching to the needs of his students so they make good and visible progress! As well as being a giving teacher, Tamba is a great entertainer, a dancing machine and a playful social dancer so with him the FUN is constant!

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