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Freiburg Salsa Festival 2012 Anichi Perez Bauer - Musicality _DSC2006Attention Students !

Do you have time and would like to attend some of the 64 best salsa workshops in Frankfurt/Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region with international demanded instructors, party 4 nights long with the best DJs, spinning your favorite songs in Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and….

hm, but can’t afford it in this moment?

Why not make a deal with ?

  • You spend some of your time at the week-end as volunteer, up to a maximum of
    • 1 hour at the pre-party on Thursday
    • 2 hours on Friday
    • 2 hours on Saturday
    • 1 hour on Sunday (PLUS or ADVANCED, only)
    • You agree with us on which days and time you want to help and attend all the other time
  • Salsa-Trips pays 55% of your full-pass – no matter which one:
    • just 49 instead 110 Euro for the Full-Pass “warm up”
    • just 67 instead 149 Euro for the Full-Pass ADVANCED
    • just 67 instead 149 Euro for the Full-Pass PLUS
  • Deal? Just buy your ticket and use “Student” as coupon.
    Hold your identity card and certificate of enrollment in readiness.
  • Just a moment…
    Don’t forget sharing the deal with your friends!
    The more deals we close, the less help needed from each…
    Become part of our team: More students – more fun!
We organize your Salsa Trips
and you enjoy the Party !

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