Sophie Fox (Sheffield, UK)

Sophie Fox was born and raised in England and began dancing hip hop at the age of 11 but quickly explored other genres and by the age of 13 she had discovered a love for Latin dance and began dancing ballroom.

Her talent was evident to the Latin scene in England and by the age of 16 she became involved with a Salsa school in her home city and soon she was established as one of the school’s teachers. At this time Sophie also began to study contemporary & the theory of dance in her college.

As Kizomba began to gain prominence in the UK, in 2008 Sophie discovered her real passion and attended her first Kizomba festival in Lisbon where she first met Tony Pirata.

Since then, Sophie’s unique British style has come to the attention of many in the Kizomba scene – including the renowned Tony Pirata, and has recently become his profesional dance partner now splitting her time between France and England.

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