Sjomara started dancing salsa in 2000. Without any dance background she started to develop her own unique elegant & graceful dancestyle. In 2002 she joined “Footwork” Dance Company led by Brian van der Kust and had her first international performance with them at the Zurich Salsa Congress. Later on in 2008 Brian van der Kust and Sjomara choreographed a salsa show for the final 10 dancers of So You Think You Can Dance in Holland. In 2005 she joined Salsa Dance Squad, one of Hollands best showgroups ever, who were also very well known internationally for their powerful, unique and theatrical performances. Sjomara performed at numerous salsa congresses all over the world. One of the most beautiful experiences she had was performing at the Monaco Salsa Congress in 2007 while it was broadcasted live on Eurosport in over 16 countries in the world. Shortly after Sjomara left Salsa Dance Squad in 2008 she teamed up with Marlon Etnel founder of Fuerza Dance NL whom she met at Salsa Dance Squad. They were a very succesfull couple known for their charismatic, flashy and stunning performances. In 2010 the couple went their own ways Sjomara felt it was time to share her passion and knowledge and started her own unique ladies sessions. Sjomara not only proved herself to be a very talented, beautiful and technical dancer and performer but she also appears to be a very good, structured and inspirational instructor. Her specialization in teaching is femininity, her own strongest weapon on stage. She teaches women how to use their bodies and shows them how to walk, dance and move elegant, gracefully and sexy on the dancefloor. In 2010 she also started her own female team the SjogirlZ. They distinguish themselves with very dynamic and powerfull routines taking ladies styling to the next level.

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