Salsadancers (Bern, Switzerland)

Alain Joray learned 2005 Salsa in Basel, Switzerland and Kizomba 2008 in Warsaw, Poland and was the main responsible building up the On2 and Kizomba scene in Basel. He teaches now Salsa Cuban, NY-Style on2, Pachanga and Kizomba  at salsadancers in Bern.

He is performing Salsa Shows in one of the best show group in Switzerland: Son Almas.

Alain was teaching already at many national and international Festivals and is attending the third time at these wonderful one in Frankfurt. Here he teaches together with his strong and very experienced dance partner Caren Söhrich, originally from Mannheim, Germany.

For Salsa  and Pachanga, they teach mainly the NY Style on2. Focus is Musicality with Style and a lot of fun!

For Kizomba, they will teach the modern, global Kizomba Style that is danced often at international Festivals. Focus is besides musicality the connection and the sexy ‚walking‘. The most important for them is that you can dance Kizomba with everyone all over the world and feeling comfortable!

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