Sabiha Bastide (Paris, FR)

Known for her technique, her groove and her scenic presence, Sabiha Bastide is a choreograph performer and a dance teacher. She is one of the first French to teach and promote couple Dominican Bachata dance but also individual work through workshops based on styling  and musicality of footwork.

Originally a self-taught dancer, Sabiha was interested in Bachata, therefore she improved her skills and rapidly specialized herself in Dominican Bachata. After winning 2 competitions, one of which was the King of Bachata 2013 (Bachata troupe category, under the leadership of J-C OCCO). In 2014, she followed the professional training of the Salsabor school in order to be qualified as a Latin and Afro-Caribbean dance teacher. Today she teaches in Paris and in congresses where her pedagogical approach is well-appreciated.

Stimulated with challenge and artistic diversity, Sabiha has realized several choreographical projects of Bachata and Kizomba. They were presented during French and international festivals (such as King of Bachata, Corazon Latino, , the Frankfurt festival, Salsafestival Switzerland Berlin Salsa Congress and more).

In 2015, she becomes part of the “Percussivement Dance” troupe, dedicated to special event performances (Latin dances, percussions, samba, jazzy swing, etc.). Sabiha is also part of the “SalsaJazz Dance Company” which associates Salsa to modern dance.

Defined by a sensual dance and musical footwork, Sabiha is a proponent of dancefloors where she shares her passion for music and dance with abundant energy. Throughout her dancing career, she kept and keeps on training herself in several disciplines, in particular in Salsa, to perfect her refined  universe.

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