Roberto Anastasio (Turin, Italy)

Roberto Anastasio was born in Italy and came to Germany to work within the informatics field. Coming to a new country without knowing the language was quite frustrating so he decide to enlarge his social environment entering in the salsa world almost 2 years ago.

This brought him to notice the first Kizomba steps and he realised that salsa was nice but Kizomba was much more cool in his world. He started appasiontaly and no-stop to study the sensuality of the movements as well as the technical steps around the Europe and attendind several international festivals.

In few months Kizomba became for him a drug which he couldn’t stop to take. He started to dance kizomba 3-4 times a week and developed his style at home, at parties and of course at festivals trying to understand maniacally the movement of the body and how to get the perfect fusion with any partner he was dancing with.

He started soon to teach at University of Darmstadt and continued his educational activities with workshops, private lessons and Kizomba courses in Frankfurt.

Nowadays he also collaborates with others Kizomba teachers within the Frankfurt area as well as the suburb one. His style is perfect mix of technique and body connection mixed with musicality and romance.

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