Robert Balázs (Frankfurt, Germany)

Robert Balázs is a qualified sports instructor and has been dancing salsa since 1996. He is the founder and former director of the Salsonic Dance Company, with its extensive and high-quality teaching concept for over 10 years known beyond the region as unique brand. Already in 1999, he had specialized as one of the first salsa teacher in the region of New York style. As an organizer, he made is especially known for the euro Salsa Congress, the salsa-funded project Best of Dance, and the legendary Salsa Party „Havana Heat Bronx Beat“ (most recently in Schirn Café).

Salsa On 2 – On2 workshop for beginners
„Learning to listen and to dance on 2“

Firstly, it is important to listen to the second beat in salsa music. It operates with simple sound samples and rhythm exercises. The musical and visual support of the workshop will be accompanied by a Konga player. The salsa conga rhythm is very good to practice listening and dancing out with the second beat. In the second part of the workshop simple steps and Salsa On2 figures are taught to slow music.

Lead and Follow the Cross Body Style
Workshop for Middle School

Salsa social dancing has a very clear division of roles: leading and following. The one who leads, has the responsibility to pay attention to those who follow. Only when a salsa couple has two completely separate roles and internalized it, this creates harmony. While it should appear playfull and easy (especially when cross body style), the kinesthetic (muscle sense), and the timing form the main object. With basic exercises and techniques and demonstrations using simple figures, the secrets of Lead and Follow will be discovered.


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