Natalia López Toledano (México D.F.)

Born in Mexico city, Natalia López Toledano initiates developing her talent since a young age practicing many types of technical, urban and local dancing.

She had experienced art as a painter and also study music in college. At the age of 16, inspired by her dance mentor, she discovers her real vocation. At first, she joins a Hip-Hop gruop. But months after she became part of the Salsa world. Begins to train at her city Tijuana, Mexico and starts competing in different cities.

Obtaining the first position on the charts including the Best Female Solo Dancer on the National Competition at her country (MEXICO). In 2008 she resumed her dance studies with a contemporary mexican company, called „Lux Boreal“.

Now with her impressive presence on stage, her vesality and her unique style. Natalia López Toledano had crossed paths with the innovation of Marco Ferrigno, creating both together, this big fusion between novelty, intensity and elegance. And at the same time, they share a defiant challenge. The direction of Ansima Production Ballet wich can be define as the only italian salsa company with one of the biggest artistic level around the world.

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