Welcome to Melissa’s Master Mini Choreography Class

Melissa Fernandez (Los Angeles, USA) _DSC9729Melissa Fernandez welcomes you to her Master Mini Choreography Class

Exclusive for Frankfurt Salsa Festival 2013 MARCH 7th – 10th
Level: Advance
Couples are highly recommended but not required
Time: Sunday, MARCH, 10th from 14:30 – 18:00
Ticket: Full-Pass ADVANCED or ADV upgrade your Full-Pass

Ever wanted to take the spot light and perform? Want to take your dancing skills to a higher level? Then, THIS is your chance…

It’s about time you upgrade your Salsa. Its a different feeling to be on the performing side of the stage. The feeling you get from learning a Mini Choreography is exciting and insanely amazing. Be a part of it and join my Mini Choreography Class. It is open to everyone.

I’ve been performing for years on numerous prestigious stages through out the world and I can give you the In’s and Out’s of performing. Learn a new need seen mini choreography from me in just 3 hours.

I will teach you salsa steps and combinations in a specific amount of time. Then we will repeat the step until you feel comfortable with it. I will then put you and/or your partner in a set position and as a team we will practice performing the choreography. Discover the performing side in you.

Performing has so many exciting elements behind the name and we will try to touch as many subjects as possible. We will talk about how to become a better performer, how to express your emotions on stage, how to look dynamic on stage, lines, facials, formations and many more.

Melissa Fernandez

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Welcome to Melissa’s Master Mini Choreography Class

Melissa Fernandez (Los Angeles, USA) _DSC9729Melissa Fernandez begrüßt dich zu ihrer Master Mini Choreography Class

Exklusiv für das Frankfurt Salsa Festival vom 7. bis 10. MÄRZ 2013
Stufe: Fortgeschritten
Paare sind sehr empfehlenswert, aber nicht notwendig
Zeit: Sonntag, 10. März von 14.30 bis 18.00 Uhr
Ticket: Full-Pass ADVANCED or ADV upgrade your Full-Pass

Wolltest du schon immer im Rampenlicht stehen und performen? Möchtest du deine tänzerischen Fähigkeiten auf ein höheres Level bringen? Dann ist dies deine Chance …

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