Marta Khanna (Kiev, Ukraine)

Marta Khanna has been dancing salsa for 9 years. During this time she has travelled all over the world, performed & worked with famous International Salsa Stars. Her Ladystyle classes are popular all over the world as she pays attention not only to the technichal, physical side of the dance but to internal, emotional, phsycological constituent part of it…Beside that Marta was giving workshops together with Juan Matos, Terry SalsaAlianza, Luis Vazquez and many many more. She worked as a salsa instructor and performer in Italy, Spain, the USA (New York City) LA, performing solo shows in the best NY salsa clubs and in 2013 she was working in Boston in Salsa Matei dance school teaching salsa and body moving classes. In Ukraine, Marta gives theme master-classes, organizes Salsa events, prepares new shows for herself and her students which become popular for their creativity, unusual concepts. Her local students regularly take the top places in the local Ukrainian salsa championships.

Marta also does gets herself involved in work outside of Salsa Congresses. Together with Ramon Morales she choreographed for Ukrainian’s “ So you think you can dance” and she has worked as a dancer and choreographer for many famous Ukrainian singers such as: Gaytana, Max Barskikh and Olga Krukova.

Apart from being a Salsa Star she also dances hip-hop, jazz funk, dancehall & contemporary, continuesly learning new dance styles in order to develop her dancing skills more and more. Marta is also a designer of dancing shoes and clothes which are very popular in Ukraine as well as in other countries.

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