Maria Chiara Barone (Salerno, Italy)

Maria Chiara Barone was born in Salerno, Italy in August 8th, 1987.

Living in a family of artists she grew up always breathing art: dance, music, acting, singing, painting, all this having a lot of influence on her artistic growth.

She starts dancing at the age of 4 with the Classical ballet and Jazz. At the age of 12 she starts studying Flamenco and becomes a member of a company composed of spanish and italian musicians and dancers with which she is involved in a tourné with the famous Flamenco dancer Antonio Reyes. At 16 she gets in touch with the hot world of Salsa and thanks to her talent she immediately enters one of the most famous italian company, the Latin Passion Group by Michele Di Benedetto.

In 2009 she enters the international group Latin Soul Dancers of the great dancer Adolfo Indacochea.

Later she catches the attention of the “master of the masters”, the Mambo King, Eddie Torres who asks her to become his own dancer.

Nowadays Maria Chiara exhibits on the worldwide greatest stages.

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