Latin Influence by Nicola Gelsomino (Naples, Italy)

Nicola Gelsomino was born in Naples, Italy, approaches in the world of the Caribbean Dance since 1995, and together with his partner Carmen D’Alessandro, they begin a difficult training, due to the total absence (in Italy in that period) of the great exponents of the Salsa’s world.

A strong curiosity artistic pushes them to study, around the world, all the expressions of Caribbean dance, especially they studied the Salsa.

In 1998 the meeting with the teacher Mr. Pedro Gomez was very important for them because from that moment starts a big, true love for the Puerto Rican Salsa which then leads to the study of the New York style Salsa with the most important artists of the world.

Since 2003 onwards Nicola Gelsomino and C. D’Alessandro they have participated in different and important Festivals, Conferences and Congress both in Italy and in Europe, like Performer and Teachers, while continuing their professional growth.

In 2011 they made a fantastic choreography in the famous Club Play in Miami, with the song“ Este amor imposible“

In 2009 at first Nicola Gelsomino became Adviser and soon after coordinator and member of the National Technical FIPD’s (National Italian technicians dance), continuing as a trainer and examiner.

The formation of the Latin Influence takes place in 2011 with the first performance at the 10 th Anniversary of Miami Salsa Congress – between Mr. Nicola Gelsomino and Mr. Emiliano Cavallini. They, then, have participated in various conferences in Europe like London, Tallinn, Antalya etc..

The last new dancers Mr. Antonio De Franchis and Mr. Vittorio Incarnate make their debut with the Latin Influence Salsa Congress in Ankara, in November 2013.

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