Juan Miguel Collado (Santo Domingo, Dom. Rep)

Miguel started his dance career in the world of Hip Hop. He began his studies in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago with internationally renowned masters including Shawn ‚Dante‘ Harper, Martin Kudelka, Shane Spark, and Patrick Chen. After studying Hip Hop in Chicago, he moved to Los Angeles where he launched his career as a dancer in videos from Justin Timberlake and Missy Elliot and in the movies ‚You got Served‘ and the recent ‚Stomp The Yard‘. He toured with Samsung Fergi of Black Eyed Peas as a lead dancer.

He began teaching Salsa in Italy in 2005. He joined the group Danzarines de Papatambot by Jorge Santana (dancer and choreographer in the film Dirty Dancing 2) with which he performed at various Congresses in Italy and abroad. In August 2007 he joined Chiquito (formerly Latin Black) and his new dance group, which in a very short period has become one of the most popular dance groups in the world.

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