Jimmy Bosch (New York, USA)

Being the most talented trombone player in the world of latin music, Jimmy Bosch (New York, USA) has left an impressive footprint. Listing up all the musicians he has played with would fill whole magazines.

Jimmy Bosch has worked with Ray Barretto in the golden years of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The band of Ray Barretto was full of young talents with an attitude. The band consisted of outstanding percussionists like Jimmy Delgado and Carlton Soto. They had a great brass section with Wilson Torres, Angel Fernández, Jimmy Bosch and Danny Rosado on bass.

The young musicians loved improvisation, playing ‘moñas and solos’ and so did Jimmy Bosch. There were times when Ray Barretto screamed at him for playing too many swinging „moñas“ when he tried to end the song. Jimmy Bosch: “He reached for his asthma pump and said, „Bosch, you are going to kill me”. But he always smiled when he said that because we had so much fun playing together.”

He also played with Israel Cachao Lopez, simply one of the most swinging bass players. Jimmy Bosch describes Cachao as a really easy-going character: “I never ever saw Cachao upset at anything or anybody. His smile and his love for playing live was truly contagious. He also told hundreds of jokes on the bus tours.”

Not only did he play for Ruben Blades, who hired him for his passionate way of transmitting energy with his trombone solos and his ability to play ‘moñas’, Jimmy Bosch also played for Eddie Palmieri, Pete Rodríguez, Celia Cruz, Machito, India and Spanish Harlem Orchestra to name but a few.

Having picked up the trombone at the age of eleven and having already played professionally at thirteen, Jimmy Bosch is considered to be a spark of ignition of the ‘salsa dura’ movement blending old school tradition with a modern approach of the New York scene. 

His debut ‘Soneando Trombon’ (1998) included guests like Jimmy Sabater, Mary La Rose, Pete ‘el Conde’ Rodriguez, Arturo O’Farrill, etc. All the following releases – Salsa Dura (1999), El Avión de la Salsa (2004) and ¡A Million! (2009) had rave reviews.

The most famous song of his first release is clearly ‘Otra Oportunidad’ sung by Herman Olivera and Frankie Vasquez. When asked about the song Jimmy Bosch said, “ ‘Otra Oportunidad’ talks about losing my brother Ruben to drug addiction and overdose. The song talks about the pain and insanity of addiction. It also has a strong message that no one needs to die like he did. Recovery is possible, One Day at a Time. The music is very danceable in spite the sad story basically letting us know that we must celebrate life even when we experience losing someone in our lives.”

Don’t miss this rare occasion in March 2016 when Jimmy Bosch and La Maxima ’79 will share the stage for the first time in Germany at the Frankfurt Festival.

Michael ‘Mambito’ Beyer

Jimmy Bosch & La Maxima '79 live @ El Sol Salsa Festival, Warsaw 2015

Jimmy Bosch & La Maxima 79 live @ El Sol Salsa Festival in Warsaw, Poland 2015


Jimmy Bosch & La Maxima 79 – „Otra Oportunidad“ live @ El Sol Salsa Festival in Warsaw, Poland 2015

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