Jayne Emily Turpin (Birmingham, UK)

Jayne’s obsession with dance started at an early age training in ballet, tap, conetemporary and jazz. At seventeen she walked into a salsa club and never looked back! In the years that followed she learnt on2 with renown mambo teacher Gary Thomas (UK) and travelled throughout Europe and the US acquiring knowledge and feeding her ever-growing passion.

In 2006 Jayne formed a teaching partnership with Gary Thomas and Mamboleo Dance Company was born. Known for their solid technique and effortless style, they are now two of the most talented and well respected dancers, teachers and choreographers in the UK.

Jayne takes inspiration from both the New York and Cuban salsa scene which is reflected in her unique style and performances. She brings energy and personality to the dance floor and is always looking to enhance and expand her repertoire. Her warm and friendly approach has proved a winning combination with students and dancers alike.

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