Javier Padilla (Villahermosa, Mexico)

Javier Eduardo Padilla Vizcarra, was born in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico, on June 12th, 1986.
During his childhood and adolescence, Javier started to be interested about Dance and Showbusiness, so he continued normal life, like any teenager, until, at the age of 17, he decided to take classes to improve his dance.

In 2004, Javier was part of the dance group „Salsabor“ by Magda Fonz in Villahermosa, Mexico, which used to make performances of Latin rhythms, such as: samba, cumbia, vallenato, bachata, merengue and Cuban Salsa, at state fairs, nightclubs, shopping centers, local TV and parks.
In the summer of 2007 he began training in Classical Ballet with the mexican teacher and dancer Daniel Juarez Nila, being a member of “Ballet de Cámara de Tabasco” for two years. In this period, Javier started his passion for Salsa On1, Mambo and Ballroom Dance (Dancesport), through courses, conferences and training workshops in Mexico City.
In October 2009, the opportunity to continue his professional and artistic vocation in the city of Barcelona was presented. Javier continued his training in Classical Ballet at the Dance Centre „Company & Company“ for one year.
In February 2010, Javier continued his training in Ballroom Dance at the dance school of Jesus Rubio & Karina Rubio „CBE Swing Manresa“, by training in „10-dance“ (Standard and Latin cathegories), and participating in professional competitions in Spain. In this same period, he joined the school of the Salsa World Champions Adrian & Anita, and was part of the Dance Company „Adrian & Anita Amateur Salsa Company Barcelona“, whose works have won several championships and great results in national settings.

Javier also participated in the dance group of the uruguayan dancer Franco Rocha „Cachanga Poderosa“, in which he has had opportunity to make performances at national and international stages, and which has been winner at the TV Show „Todo el Mundo es Bueno“ in 2012 in Spain.
He worked also with the dancer Lucia Medina, also a member of the Adrian & Anita Amateur Salsa Company Barcelona, with whom he has won the fourth place in the 2nd. Amateur Salsa Competition held in Barcelona. From 2010, they made performances in national stages.
In 2014, Javier Padilla launched a Project of Salsa Soloist in events held in Spain and abroad.
In December 2014 and 2015 , Javier competed in the prestigious World Championship World Latin Dance Cup held in Miami, Florida, where he won the title of SALSA SOLOIST MALE WORLD CHAMPION.

In mid-2011 in the city of Barcelona, the salsa dancer David De Menes and Javier Padilla came together to start the first Same Gender Salsa Couple in Spain „David & Javi“, an innovative style that combines fast partnerwork choreographies with aggressive footwork and acrobatic movements.
At the half year, David & Javi had done two routines, performing on national stages.
Nowadays, they continue to offer professional shows of salsa and Latin rhythms in national and international stages, Also, David & Javi have participated in 2016 in the TV program „SPAIN GOT TALENT“ where they were well accepted by judges and the general public.

– 2nd Place. Campeonato Internacional de Pasos Libres de Salsa 2012 – Barcelona, Spain. May 2012.
– 4th Place Campeonato International Valetodo 2012 – Vibo Valentia, Italy. August 2012.
– 3rd Place Salsa Men / Same Gender World Latin Dance Cup 2012 – Miami, USA. December 2012.
– 3rd Place Campeonato Nacional de Salsa 2013 – Gandia, Spain. February 2013.
– 4th Place Salsa Men / Same Gender World Latin Dance Cup 2013 – Miami, USA. December 2013.

In 2015, Javier Padilla and the dancer Mery Meseguer launched a dance project in Spain to dance together in national and international events. They combine Dance Sport techinques, flamenco, lyrical dance, Salsa and Mambo movements.

In 2015, Javier Padilla decided to venture into other professional fields, so he join the M-Zouk dancers Daniel Estevez and Leticia Estevez, and the businessman Carlos Kotsuko, to take the Artistic and Commercial Direction of „Esencia Dance Company“, a dance Project for stages of general dance productions.
Members of Esencia Dance Company combines Latin rhythms, such as Salsa On1, Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Chacha, and other dance styles such as Zouk, Contemporary Dance, Sexy Style, Street Dance, Ballroom dance, Flamenco and Tap Dance. All this fusion, aims to bring the Latin Dance into the professional world of Theater.
Currently, they present a dance work of several pieces in theaters in Barcelona.

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