Isabell Ksusha Holi (Tiberias, Israel)

Isabell Ksusha Holy; born in Samara, Russia; later moving to Israel when she was only 10 years old. From early age, she pursued her passion with ballroom and other areas of dance. Over a period of time, she developed an interest and passion for Latin music and Salsa. By the age of 16, she joined some of the well known dance schools; where she learned her craft and skills, and later developed her own dance methods, and moving on to her own choreography creations.

At the age of 18 she discovered Latin, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern dance and Ballet; whilst at Cyprus GAU university.

She later decided to return to Israel and started her Army national service in the police department for 2 years, but even during that time, nothing stopped her from dancing. When she finally finished her Millitary services, she decided to move to Turkey where she formed an alliance with Deniz Seven.

Isabelle and Deniz began teaching together in Turkey in 2010. During that time they both traveled all over Europe to various Festivals and Congresses. Isabelle and Deniz are now currently both Artistic and Marketing Directors of the Istanbul International Dance Festival which is now amongst one of the biggest and most succesful Dance Festivals in Europe today.

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