No need to find reasons to join the Frankfurt Festival, but… here you go!

Frankfurt_Festival Highlight Arguments
Frankfurt Festival 2015 Thank you Shows The Frankfurt Festival offers 8 shows per evening on the highest level in the scene. About one hour, peppered just with breathtaking spectacles.
Frankfurt Festival Workshop-Plan 2015 - 232 [1280] Workshops 164 workshops in 9 separate rooms – all in the same venue with wooden parquet and daylight – your freedom to choose your individual preferences… Learn from the best!
FSF 2016 Cover All Stars [851x315] [1280] Artists Starting just in 2013 with the premiere, the Frankfurt Festival might be the rising star across Europes‘ festivals, but when it comes to the quality, it’s the player of the international top league. Did you check the line-up already? Jimmy Bosch, La Maxima, Eddie Torres, Tropical Gem, Kwenda Lima, Daniel y Desiree and many many more of the most demanded artists in Salsa, Kizomba and Bachata.
Frankfurt Festival Workshops 2015 - 218 [1280] Dancefloors Our marvelous venue offers 9 workshop rooms and 5 dancefloors completely made of wooden parquet with the highest quality in the scene across Europe – and our workshop rooms are with daylight.
Albir Rojas Social Dancing After Parties Actually, we are planning to start the after party on Saturday at 5 a.m., knowing that in 2015 at the same time it was still too croweded to close the main floors. So please don’t expect to leave the venue with the latest guests before daylight!
Frankfurt Festival Kizomba Championships 2015 - 278 [1280] Championships Since 2015, the Frankfurt Festival also hosts the European Kizomba Championships. The 3 winner couples are rewarded with cups and a total of 5000 Euro.
FSF 2016 Cover Kizomba Stars [851x315] Kizomba Since 2014, the Frankfurt Festival is the biggest Kizomba event in Germany with top artists and the highest level of social dancers. Even in the morning, the crowd wanted to continue to party. And Kizomba is not just a part of the Frankfurt Festival, but you will find the complete upper level just dedicated to several Kizomba floors. Join this great experience!
Frankfurt Salsa Festival (upper Foyer) Venue All workshops, parties and shops as well as bars and restaurants  – even the parking garage and a shopping mall… Everything under the same roof. 2 minutes maximum to switch between workshops!
Frankfurt Festival 2015 Boot-Camp - 608 [1280] Boot-Camps &
Eager to perform on the professional stage? Then our Boot-Camps and Stargate Shows are your stepping stone! During the Boot-Camp, our top stars or world champions train you several hours in a small group and perform together with you on Sunday night – what an experience! In the 1st run our Stargate Shows during lunch time attrackted already 38 participants and thunderous applause from their spectators. The winner perferforms the same night in our show block and may draws the attention of partner events, too. From 2016 we are going to offer Stargate Shows on Saturday and Sunday.
Frankfurt Festival 2016 960x960 Suttle-Bus Accessibility Frankfurt Airport (FRA) is among the 3 biggest hubs all over Europe and about No. 10 world wide. A shuttle bus or taxis connect our official event hotel RAMADA in just 15 minutes with the airport and railway station. For just 2-3 Euros we offer shuttles between the venue and our 3 official hotels, which are in 5-10 minutes distance – most frequently to the RAMADA, which also hosts all artists and DJs. Parking at all official hotels is for free and the parking garage inside the venue costs 0,80 Euro per hour or about 2 Euro all night long (from 19:00 to 6:00) or a maximum of about 5 Euro per day. Ever learned about any competitive offers?
Frankfurt Festival 2015 Womens' Day - 027 [1280] Atmosphere & Experience Joined us once, you won’t ever miss this event!
Frankfurt Festival Catering 2013 0309 _DSC1413 [1280] Catering Good for a snack at our bars as well as the great dinner in the restaurant. 1,5 liter water or 0,75 soda just 3,00 Euro or 0,33 Beer, Coke, Applejuice etc. just 2,50 Euro or Cuba Libre just 5,50 Euro or Mojito/Caphirina just 6,50 Euro as well as sandwiches for just 2,50 Euro or mixed Salad just 3,50 Euro or Paella just 5,00 Euro or chicken ragout with vegetables, noodles & mushroomcreamsauce just 7,50 Euro etc. etc. etc. YES, this are real 2015 prices in the middle of Germany – unbelievable!
Speise-und Getränkekarte Frankfurt Festival 2015
Olu Olu's Coffee Lounge Coffee Lounge Next to a small number of top events, the Frankfurt Festival is going to host Olu Olu’s Coffee Lounge in a cozy environment – stay tuned for the latests news!
Frankfurt Festival 2015 Shops - 470 [1280] Shops Antonio, Alvares Dance Shoes, Milan – http://www.alvaresshoes.com
Suse & Holger, Demi Point, Hamburg – http://demi-point.de
Freedom With a choice of more than 150 workshops and just 8 breathtaking shows per evening, the Frankfurt Festival is top-notch in our scene. Instead of presenting way more shows per evening, we want to give you the freedom to choose what you really want to do. Our events are designed to dance and talk with your buddies, make new friends and have fun. We just give you the high quality environment and do our best that the organization goes like clockwork. Join us and gather this great experience.

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