Federico Taglioni (Bologna, Italy)

Federico Taglioni is a young talented salsa and bachata dancer who grew up studying different styles and techniques to improve his skills.

Born and raised in Bologna, Federico started to dance when he was 7 years old and after a while he began to take part in national competitions being the national champion at the age of 10 years old.
He started to dance with Claudia in 2009 and they have been the Italy-dance Cup champions in 2013, the Italian show champions and the King of Bachata Champions in the same year.

In search of developing his talent, Federico moved to the worldwide known group Africanjet with his partner Claudia and started to dance and perform in the most important salsa congresses as a member of the crew and also as bachata and salsa couple, with Claudia.

His passion, natural charisma and particular technique makes him a different dancer.


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