FAQ – Frequently asked Questions

When will I receive my ticket? When will the tickets be shipped?

  • We do not send tickets. They are stored at the door by name. Please have the confirmation („Order Completed“) and your passport or ID card at hand.
Can I participate in the festival without a dance partner?

  • We try to arrange our workshop schedule in a way that there is a workshop every hour, at which one can participate without a partner (e.g. musicality, styling, shines, etc.). In addition, many workshops take this into account so that the partners will keep changing. Judging by experience of the former festivals, it is quite possible to attend without a dance partner.
Why can not I purchase the ticket I desire?

  • Our goal is to offer workshops and parties of the highest quality at a reasonable price. This works especially when we have a high percentage of full-pass-participants. Therefore, we offer party passes, day passes and dinner tickets only a few weeks before the festival or even at the box office. Thus, we will not give price advantage for example on a ticket for the Saturday party in advance, since it does not determine the character of a festival and we would not be able to invite the artists.
Can I still buy my ticket on the spot?

  • We basically offer all tickets also at checkin at the box office. An early-bird price advantage is not granted anymore. The Frankfurt Festival has a capacity of about 2,500 participants. In case of sell-out of a party, all full- pass-participants would have preferred access guarantee.
Why are special workshops not included in the full pass?

  • Workshops such as pole dance, special master classes, EXTRA workshops, boot camps or private lessons can be offered in addition to the regular program. If these are demanded only by a small number of participants, we offer these optionals in a separate calculation, so that the other participants do not have to pay for the additional service.
Is it true that barbecue and drinks are included in the ticket?

  • Our prices do not include food or beverages. Only access to workshops and parties are included. Similarly, no accomodation, transfers or other benefits are included, unless it is offered as a package and clearly described as such.
Can I cancel my ticket?

  • Tickets with the FLEX-Option can be transferred to the following event until Monday before the festival for a fee of 10 Euro. Alternatively you can request a refund of 80% until Monday before the festival. For any other tickets (without FLEX-Option), cancellation is not possible. Tickets are non refundalbe. Instead, we offer a ticket insurance (German, only).
Can I bring my own food and drinks?

  • The Frankfurt Festival takes place in the city hall of Hofheim am Taunus. Own drinks or food may not be consumed during the workshops or parties at any time.
How can I support the Frankfurt Festival?

  • We ask for a limited number of volunteers to help, for example to check in participants and equipping them with party bracelets, as access control guards, e.g. drivers for transfers of our artists. In return we offer an equivalent amount of discounts or free entrance to the parties, and workshops. If interested, please leave a message with the desired tasks, previous experience or references and personal information and send it to jobs@salsa-trips.com.
  • A multi-day event with several hundred or thousand participants requires a large time and financial commitment to the preparation and implementation. The sooner an organizer can predict how many guests will arrive safely, the easier it can be eg to invite additional artists, allow additional rooms for workshops or resources for implementation. In case a large proportion of participants buy their tickets shortly before the festival, the implementation of such an event is much more difficult or even impossible. Therefore our request to each individual is to acquire the desired ticket as early as possible. Thus, we give high pre-sale discounts of well over 50% initially.

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