Ezgi Zaman (Adana, Turkey)

Ezgi Zaman was born in Adana, Turkey, in 1996. As her father and mother are gymnastics trainers, she started learning gymnastics at a very young age. She has about 30 championships in Turkey in gymnastics and she has represented Turkey as national sportswoman in many international championships since 2009.

Ezgi is a professional dancer, instructor and careographer in contemporary bale, jazz, salsa, hiphop, break dance and pole dance. Also she is teaching body movement, spin technique, ladies styling, footwork, salsa on 1 and on 2, pole dance, streching, acrobatics.

She has been interested in painting, music, philosophy, sports, reading and dancing. She loves nature and animals. Her interest in theater started in 2010 and then she started to work in one of the most important theaters , institution of Turkey. Now, she has started to work on a dance theater called Ezgi Zaman Dance Project which includes topics such as ‘’ justice, freedom and no violence against women…etc.’’ ‘’Dancing is not movements which are well – matched to the music ; dancing becomes real when you take the music out from your body and the melody from your heart always tells the truth.’’ Ezgi Zaman and this idea lies within her dance Project.

She, now, has solo performances in many international dance festivals and gives workshops.

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