Esther Martigues (Marseille, France)

Esther Martigues was born 1982 in Marseille, France and moved later to Düsseldorf, Germany when she was only 5 years old. From early age she pursued her passion with dancing. At the age of 10 she started dancing african dance and went on tournee with an african dance group. 4 years later she started dancing samba and gave her first dance classes when she was 16.

Her love for the stage leads her to start dance Hip Hop New Style and Street Jazz. In Hip Hop she worked with a lot of known choreographers from France, L.A. and New York together. Since 1998 she is teaching Hip Hop New Style and Hip Hop Lady Style in different dance schools in Germany.

At 29 she started learning Salsa Lady Styling and later changed into L.A. Style couple dance. At the same time she found her passion in Kizomba and went to a lot of Festivals worldwide and started teaching in different dance schools of Germany.

With her experience and creativity she developed her own dance style and techniques which is reflected in her choreographies of Kizomba Lady Styling.

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