DJ Sonya (St. Petersburg, Russia)

DJ Sonya (St. Petersburg, Russia) started her DJ career in 2008.

Came to know salsa music before she started to dance it. Several years she had been listening to all the thats she could find in the web. In 2007 got her first salsa class. And then the interest to the music quickly turned into the dance interest as well. Six month later got chance to play at a party and hasn’t stop doing it any more. Likes playing different styles – mambo, latin jazz, salsa romantica, timba, salsa dura, bachata and even son cubano.

Sonya has become famous not only in her home city St. Petersburg, but also regularly plays at the most important Russian salsa events. Got her “DJ of the year 2011” award at the Salsa Night Awards ceremony in Moscow. And a year later repeated this achievement. One of the first Russian salsa DJs, who started to travel abroad as an invitational DJ (Israel, Berlin, Tallin, Warsaw, Vienna).

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