DJ Saber (Hammamet, Tunisia)

DJ Saber is famous for his special mixes because those mixes drive Salsa lovers crazy all over the world. Saber, aka DJ Saber, became passionate about Latin American rhythms already 10 years ago. Only some Salsa beats were sufficient to get him infected with the Guaguancó virus. Due to his long-term experience as a House DJ, crystal-clear Salsa mixes are a must for him.

DJ Saber is one of the most famous and successful Salsa DJs in the Heidelberg / Frankfurt area in Germany. And even more important, he is performing at national and international salsa congresses and festivals like the following ones: Hamburg, Munich, Belgium, Leipzig, Karlsruhe, Mallorca, Morocco, Tunesia, NetherlandsSpain etc…

DJ Saber, el que sabe, sabe..

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