DJ Rumbero (Lima, Peru)

DJ Rumbero became popular in the radio shows in Lima, Peru e.g. “ Salsa im Morgengrauen“ and „Cuba, Sol y Sabor“ and was well-known for his legendary Rumbeando-Barrio parties.

Musically, he prefers Cubanian Salsa/Tima and also of course Salsa Brave and Mambo. Clave and Sabor come to him naturally and he transfers his rage for music to the dancer.

Furthermore Rumbero enthuses and surprises with perfect and smooth passages, which include suspense-packed Beats and so he makes sure that the salseros are going to have an awesome party.

Today Rumbero is a well-known in the Salsa scene and his name is connected to enumouerous performances both in famous Salsa Clubs and NY & Cuba Festivals.
Pura Salsa!

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