DJ El Malo (Zurich, Switzerland)

Stefano Amato alias DJ El Malo was born in Zurich in 1975. He developed a great passion for the music already in his childhood. As a teenager he experimented himself in different styles of music, like: House, Hip Hop, R&B and could herewith bring his mixing to perfection, expand his repertoire and amplify his knowledge about musicians and their discographies.

After an instructive trip across Cuba the native Italian was definitely sure: his future DJ career will consist of Salsa beats.

His indispensable beat feeling from his former experience as a DJ and his passionate addiction to the Latin way of life gives him the needed musical credibility.

In just a few years DJ El Malo became one of the most wanted and best Salsa DJ’s of the world. His name is written on every Line Up of the highest reputed congresses in the Latin Music and Dance Scene. Like no other he stands up for classics of the New York Fania Age and has for this reason been already acknowledged with different international awards/prices.

In the meantime he continuously supports and develops the international Salsa scene himself as Artist & Production Manager of different events, around the globe. His name as a DJ, Concert/Event organizer for different labels and productions, Producer and Manager of talented dancers is engraved in the worldwide Latino Scene.

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