DJ Denny (Bari, Italy)

DJ Denny is a native Italian, surrounded by the music at a young age. He studied cello at the Conservatory in Italy.

In 1996, he starts with local jazz groups to collect his first experience. In the same year he began the DeeJay scene black out and he discovered a strong interest. The music is in his life play a major role so that Denny in 2001, began his career as a DeeJay. It does not take long, and in 2004 he gets a National Grammy as containing the Latin music in Bologna, Denny’s, among other things official deejay of the label „“.

His passion for this wonderful culture brings him today to be one of the main founder of Vida Latina Magazine. The Latin Style made in Italy.

Donato Ciccimarra „Denny DeeJay“
+39 339 3511452

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