Debra Jane Inskip (Wolverhampton, UK)

Debbie started dancing Latin and Ballroom in England when she was a child, which took her to compete at a professional level and win many competitions worldwide.

She then moved to Italy where she learnt to dance salsa and was so inspired by the drive and energy of the Salsa scene that she began studying the different styles using her background of technique and adding something different.

She was then noticed by Tarek who asked her to join his group African Jet, which then started her career in the salsa world. Dancing at many Salsa Festivals around the globe.

Debbie’s style, sensuality and passion on the dance floor has led her to become a recognised Female Salsa Dancer. Debbie has performed and taught in many different countries and is known for her feminine style of dance and fast spins. Debbie’s passion for Salsa is definitely felt and noticed on the dance floor.

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