Things to Consider Before Attending A Salsa Workshop

You can definitely expect a lot of dancing during this Salsa Festival, so remember to be physically and mentally ready when you get to Frankfurt. This is the funniest way to learn salsa and other types of dances like kizomba or bachata, because you will not only improve your dancing skills, but you will also party hard for four days. Some of the best DJs in the world will also have a change here to play their own remixes of Latin music.

Before going to Frankfurt, make sure you pack everything you need for the workshop such as dancing clothes and shoes. You may also bring extra clothes and another pair of shoes with you because you will be dancing all night long. Do not forget to take your tablet or laptop so you can store some music for practice or you can perhaps also play online games such as those at during your break.

Now that you are well equipped for the Frankfurt Salsa Festival, check out some of the things you need to consider before starting your salsa lessons.

Remember that Salsa is a dynamic and passionate dance made of several types of different dances and is being danced all over the world. Specific feature is a unique style, which you can discover after you become confident in dancing and you are not afraid to improvise. Dancers all over the world possess different types of salsa dancing and it is only up to you what kind of style suits you the best.

You may find your passion in salsa cubana, NY or LA, or all of them. The most important however is that it brings you happiness and positive energy and makes you forget your everyday troubles. Dancing brings you to an ideal world of your own imagination and feeling, where you and music come together and create a significant art simply called: „salsa“

Know the Technique – There are different techniques when it comes to dance salsa so make sure you check them out in advance so you will have an idea how they work. You can watch instructional videos like Salsa 101 by Shawn Trautman so you can already learn some basic steps. Remember to pay close attention and practice as much as you can so you will feel comfortable with the steps already.

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