Albir Rojas (Panama)

Albir Rojas was born in Panama on the 25th of October 1979 and his mum, wanting to be original, named him Albir. The story behind this is that a friend of hers, traveling in India, heard a woman calling her son by that name. He asked her what it meant and the woman replied: „brave.“ Albir thinks the woman was right to sohim degree since Albir would not have got where he is today without, among other things, a bit of courage.

Returning to his mother: when Albir was 12, she tried to teach him to dance, but at that age his mind was on other things, such as video games. And so it continued until, at age 14, Albir was invited to participate in choreography in high school. Albir accepted and hence began his passion for dancing. Albir liked it so much that he could not stop dancing and asked when the next choreography would be. At 16 Albir started taking classes at a funky dance school and little by little Albir began to learn. Between choreography and choreography, Albir graduated high school at age 18 with a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Accounting).

Albir started working in an office as an accountant while studying at the University in the evenings and rehearsing at night. As you can imagine, it was quite tiring. One day while reflecting about his situation, Albir decided to abandon one of those three activities, since his body was close to saying „that’s enough!“ As might be expected, Albir decided to leave the office. It was also no surprise that his family were up in arms, saying typically: „dance has no future“, „devote yourself to something else“… but Albir had made his decision. Albir started taking more classes and danced even more. Little by little, his family realized that Albir really loved to dance, that Albir took it very seriously, was driven and energetic, and Albir prospered and improved; so they believed in him and supported him.

At 21 years old , with his TV production career close to finishing and after exhibitions, shows, musicals, dance competitions and classes both taken and given, Albir decided to travel to Madrid, Spain to study cinema directing. Albir was excited when he took the plane, ready for a new adventure. After three weeks things had not gone as Albir had expected. Albir thought it would be easy to take this new path, but it was not. On his own, inexperienced, occasionally experiencing bad luck, Albir went through difficult and sometimes very sad moments, but thanks to his desire to fight on and with the support of those who loved me, Albir keep ploughing ahead. So Albir continued with his studies and gave his first dance classes, offered to him after a year living in Madrid. With some ups & downs, Albir was thriving thanks to his commitment and with the help of many great people.

Albir completed the Diploma in Film Directing, gave a lot of classes, did some shows and participated in various performances. Albir was still learning, still growing as a person, and continued doing what Albir like best: dancing. Albir became interested in the world of sound and Albir studied it, finishing a Sound Technician’s course followed by a specialization in studio recording.

Dance has given him and continues to give him work and the chance to enjoy wonderful experiences. Albir thanks God, his family, his friends and his students for the support they have given him throughout this time. He is still dancing and learning every day, and will dance and dance until he drops!

Thank you all for your trust and support. Never give up and never stop pursuing your dreams. Albir likes to end with a phrase a good friend once told him: „When you cannot go on, you feel tired, and you see darkness all around you, hold on just a little longer and just in that moment the sun will begin to rise.“

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