Melina Ferreira Damora (Remscheid, Germany)

In 1993 Melina Ferreira Damora first placed her feet onto the dance floor. At age six, her enthusiasm and passion for dancing became evident during the ballet and flamenco lessons.

In 2005 she ambitiously started her education as a dance instructor in Latin American dances. At the same time, she devoted herself to salsa and expanded her awareness and skills as a teacher. Her professional manner gained her scores of show-appearances and invitations to lecture workshops. Her disciplined training endowed recognition through latin american dance contests. In a very short time she rose to a top-notch international dance level.

In 2011 she wrapped-up her successful competitive dance career at the German Open Championship in Stuttgart. To increase her dancing spectrum she studied dance education with focus on classical, contemporary and creative dance.

In 2012 she discovered her passion for the Afro Latin dance Kizomba in Lisbon and since then she participates in international dance congresses to expand and develop her dancing skills.

In 2013, she started her career as a Kizomba-instructor across Germany with focus in the North Rhine-Westphalia. Her workshop participants assess her flexible and individual way of teaching as especially positive. Great patience and empathy also distinguish her character as a compassionate lecturer. Through her dancing ability she has been notice by renowned trainers, with whom she now teaches at international Kizomba congresses.

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