Engin Orhan (Istanbul, Turkey)

Engin Orhan, one of the most popular instructors, choreographer and performers in Turkey. He teach Salsa both in on 1 and on 2, with their impressive and emotional styles they get into peoples hearts. He began his career with Ballroom Latin American Dances in 2000. He worked with the best trainers in Turkey and also in the world. He participated in many competitions between the years 2003-2007 and also won a number of successes. He decided to change his branch in 2008 and gave priority to Social Latin Dances.

By developing himself in this field, he made a name for himself with his partner, Damla Demirci Çelik in a very short time. He synthesize Salsa dance with Latin, Jazz and Contemporary Dances using their previous experiences and support this quality with musicality and body movements. The main materials of his choreographies are musical interpretation and emotions.

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