Chris DC (Karlsruhe, Germany)

Born in 1987 in Karlsruhe, Chris has shown a creative talent since early age. Already at the age of 14 Chris sacrifices most of his free time for his life passion- DANCE. Chris starts getting interested in different dance styles and soon has an impressive repertoire to offer. He learns Latin dance at the Dance Sport Club-TSC Astoria Karlsruhe; hip hop at the Dance School Vollrath-Toennies; rock’n’roll at the Golden Fifties Karlsruhe. Chris has also a basic education in classic dance which he obtained at the Lagunilla & Reijerink taught by Carlos Lagunilla in Karlsruhe.

Since 2005 Chris has engrossed his skills and knowledge in Salsa, Bachata and other Afro-Latino dance styles at the Juan-Dance-Factory School in Karlsruhe. Chris had the possibility to be trained by teacher such as Eddie Albaron (Wagner), Tanja Wagner, Israel Gutierez, Anne and Anichi, Nina Uszkureit, Luis Saburini and some more. While performing with the performance team of San-Juan-Dance-Factory Chris collected stage experience. They have been performing at congresses, galas and events in different European cities Amsterdam, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Frankfurt and Karlsruhe. His dance performance has been enriched by international congresses and one on one coaching with Seo Fernandez, Fernando Sosa (Tropical Gem), Juan Matos and Adrian y Antia.

Since 2005 Chris has been regularly giving Salsa classes for groups and single students of different levels. He has been coaching the Salsa Group at the Spot Dance Club- Astoria in Karlsruhe. Chris has also given workshops in different cities across Europe and especially Germany such as Salsonic and Conecxion in Frankfurt. Currently he is in charge of La Danza in City of Cologne.

Chris likes to challenge himself and his skills ,which is of high priority to him, that is why he has founded a successful Salsa Master-class Group in Frankfurt. Together with Kris his dance partner, Chris is working currently on similar project in Cologne. He has also been involved in charity work and projects such as dance classes for criminal offenders at the JVA Frankfurt.

Since September 2008 Chris has been studying at the University of Applied Science for Music and Art at Frankfurt am Main. His daily training consists of ballet classes, modern as well as contemporary dance. Since October 2010 Chris continues his study at the University of Applied Science for Music and Dance in Cologne.

One of his new projects is the CDC (Chris Dance Company). CDC is a group of young professional dancers under the responsibility of Chris. The new project of CDC is created 2012 and shows a mixture of the musical Chicago, swing elements and contemporary salsa on2.

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