Carola Tauler (Madrid, Spain)

Born in Madrid, Carola Tauler began her studies in classical dance with only 3 years at school „Africa Guzman“ with the teacher M ªEuropa Guzman, acquired in 96 the title of the Royal Conservatory of Classical Dance, Madrid and the Royal Academy of Dancing  London. She completed her training with classes in contemporary, modern jazz, hip hop and Latin rhythms in Madrid and Florence, Italy. She has taken part in musicals like „Grease“, „Dirty dancing“, „Flash dance“, „Cassiopeia“ Viva la resistencia“and „Los 40 el musical „, during 8 years she belonged to the ballet group of the TV program“ Noche Sensacional „. She also participated as a soloist in the opera „La Traviata“ with the Symphony Orchestra of Kiev. Currentlypart of the cast of the television series „Dreamland“ and teaches nationally and internationally kizomba with Albir Rojas

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