Airport Shuttle

When leaving the arrivals area of Terminal 1 please proceed to exit A which is located on level 1. Behind the exit you find the shuttle collecting point. Your Shuttle to the hotel will leave every 60 minutes from 06:30 (6:30am) until 22:30 (10:30pm). In case the Shuttle is not there please press the Ramada button on the column and you will be connected to an operator who can help you or call the nH Hotel at +49 6192 9500. From the hotel the shuttle will leave every 60 minutes from 06:15 (6:15am) until 22:15 (10:15pm). Please confirm your return shuttle with the hotel reception during your check-in. Both shuttles are managed by the hotels and we have neither information about delays nor any influence to let them wait, return etc.
Airport – nH is for free and return costs 5 Euro
Airport – Ramada or return costs 10 Euro or 5 Euro in a group

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